Crystal Deodorants

Crystal Deodorants

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Size: Stick-NET WT. 4.25 OZ. (120g)

Size: Spray-NET WT. 8 OZ. (240g)


    Presenting you with finest quality African Pure And Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone & Mist Spray For Ultimate Confidence!


    Key Features:

    • Hypoallergenic Properties 
    • Eliminates Body & Feet Odor 
    • Free Of Chemicals 
    • Natural Protection 
    • Antimicrobial 
    • Free Of Aerosol & Alcohol
    • Non-Staining & Unscented 
    • Free of Oils & Perfumes

    Presenting you with African Pure and Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone & Mist that are made of premium quality crystalized mineral salt and purified water. They simply make you feel elegant and confident in yourself. 


    Pure & Natural: These top qualities African Pure and Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone & Mist are made of premium quality crystalized minerals salt like Potassium Alum with purified water which are proved to kill odor causing bacteria and hence eliminate bad odors. It simply makes you feel elegant and confident in yourself. 


    Chemical Free: Safe at all measures for your skin because it is free of any harmful chemicals, oils, perfumes and even emulsifiers that provide natural protection.


    Antimicrobial: They have amazingly effective antimicrobial properties that restrict the growth of any potential microbes with its antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal activity. 


    Hypoallergenic: These Deodorants can be used for all skin types and perfectly hypo-allergic which is why people who are prone to allergies can also use it. 


    Non-Staining & Unscented: They are totally non-staining and unscented because they have inert properties. You can use it with confidence to avoid any unnecessary interactions of your skin by avoiding emulsifiers and chemicals. It has long term effects with 24 hours protection. 


    Directions for Use: Simply Pump 2 to 6 sprays under each arm, while for athletes and heavy sweating, up to 12 sprays under each arm. With the stone you must wet it and rub it 30 times under each clean arm for strong odor. Lite odors rub 15 times each arm. As you notice no odor you can rub less. This process creates a thin layer of dissolved salt which will neutralize bacteria on the surface of your skin.