Black Seed Oil Body Butter | Raw Seeds Extra Strong

Black Seed Oil Body Butter | Raw Seeds Extra Strong

SKU: 4405

Size: 4 OZ. Glass Jar


    For Wonderfully Healthy Skin! Ever Used A Pure Black Seed Oil With Raw Black Seeds, Shea Butter and Variety Of Other African Butters To Get Rid Of Your Body Problems?  Well, Time To Do So!


    Key Features:

    • Treats Joint Pain and alleviates Arthritis 
    • 100% Natural & Free from Pesticides & NON-GMO
    • Made of Soil Grown Nigella Sativa Seeds With Added Vitamins
    • Best Antioxidant With Pain Relieving Effects 
    • All In One Solution For Skin & Hair Loss Problems
    • Anti-Inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antiviral and Antifungal In Nature

    Description: A signature blend of raw Black Seeds, cold-pressed Black Seed Oil, aloe vera butter, white shea butter, and other pure, natural butters imported from northern Africa. Designed to help you obtain healthy skin naturally.


    All-In-One: A complete solution for healthy skin all packed into one small jar. It  contains raw seeds for exfoliating your skin. This butter is a top-notch treatment for a variety of general skin problems: cuts, burns, sores, rashes, and bug bites. It even relieves joint pain from arthritis and other conditions.


    Cosmetic Effects: Black Seed Oil Body Butter improves the health of your skin with its moisturizing properties, relieving eczema and giving you youthful, silky skin. It can also be used as a healthy and hydrating aftershave cream. This body butter reduces dryness and other skin problems like acne, which gives you a youthful, vibrant look.


    Therapeutic: After sitting and becoming more concentrated for a few months, the active compounds extracted from the raw seeds become even stronger. This process allows it to consist of miraculous therapeutic-grade components that make your skin healthy and soft. Bring out your skin’s original glory. Say goodbye to damaged skin, flaky hair, and an aching body, and hello to a new world of health and beauty.