Incense Sticks & Holder

Incense Sticks & Holder


Size: Pack Of 75 to 85 Sticks


    New Home Incense Sticks! Make Your Evenings More Romantic And Fulfilling With Our Newly Released Home Incense Sticks!


    Key Features

    • 100 % Natural Incense Sticks
    • Hand Made & Soaked for 48 Hours
    • Fresh & Upgraded with Nice  Packaging
    • Long Lasting Fragrance


    Description: We are excited on the release of new Home Incense Sticks made available so you can make your evenings more romantic, fulfilling and enjoyable.


    Hand Made: Each stick is hand made as each of them is crafted and made with great care to improve the overall quality. They are made artistically beautiful in pursuit of fragrance and quality.


    Soaked: They are soaked for at least forty eight (48) hours in high quality fragrances that results in pleasant conditioning. It therefore has a thick coating layer on individual stick making it the best in overall properties compared to other brands.


    Fragrances: They are scented with Top Grade scents like Frankincense and premium quality Myrrh Fragrance Oil that adds pleasant fragrance to it.


    Layering: When they are soaked for 48 hours, they are embedded in enough layers to create healthy and pleasant scent upon burning.


    Long Lasting: The overall stick releases enough fragrance upon burning in the air that retains the quality of the surroundings and maintains its fragrance for at least 24 hours.


    Nice Packaging: 75 to 85 sticks are packed in each package and each of them have a burning period of 20-30 mints. This helps in spreading enough scented particles in the air that improves the overall environment and spreads to near and far surroundings.


    BURN SAFE AND ADD A Exotic Wood Incense Sticks Holder  TO YOUR ORDER!


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