Uncle Glen’s Favorite Sea Moss!

Uncle Glen’s Favorite Sea Moss!

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    Natural & Organic Chondrus Crispus! Premium Quality RAW SEA MOSS! Add To Your Daily Diet For Better Ocerall Health!


    Key Features: 

    • Premium Quality & Nutritious Sea Moss
    • Natural &Vegan Seaweed 
    • Salt-Water Algae 
    • Non-GMO, Wild-Crafted, Raw
    • Sundried, Pest Free and Healthy 
    • Boosts Immunity & Reduce Aging 


    Premium Quality: Uncle Glen’s Favorite Premium Quality and Nutritious Sea Moss is an ultimate gift for your health containing some of the most essential nutrients that are otherwise rare on land. 


    100% Natural: All Natural and Vegan Seaweed with profound health benefits that is harvested with great care. Its scientific name is Chondrus Cispus that has been used for centuries due to its powerful healing and medicinal benefits. 


    Non-GMO: Uncle Glen’s Favorite Sea Moss is harvested from Beautiful and Healthy Sea Shores of the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia and Sundried that ensures its wild crafted quality. Then they are managed in a Pest Free environment to maintain its quality and nutritious value.  


    Nutritious: Sea Moss are generally a rich source of Vitamin A, C, Zinc, Beta Carotene, collagen, and up to 92 different minerals. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the most health friendly source of enormous nutrients.


    Boosts Immunity: It has immunity Boosting agents that promote extra levels of disease resistance reducing our vulnerability to different diseases. It promoted healthy lungs, brain, bones, heart, metabolism, thyroid, digestion, hair, skin and improves your mood and libido.


    Anti-Aging: It is widely known for its anti-aging properties as it maintains healthy levels of collagen by activating collagen production and improves collagens’ ability to repa